Nick Gottlieb
Marketing, growth, and product executive.
Helping B2B startups successfully go to market.
Go-to-market elements
Demand Generation
How are you going to reach new audiences in order to generate leads and drive business?
Product Growth
How are you going to optimize your product experience to drive growth?
Product Marketing
How are you going to position, price, and package your product?
Sales Motion
How do we sell to our customers and how does marketing align with that motion?
Community Development
How are you going to build, engage, and deliver value to your community?
Marketing Operations
How are we going to measure, track, and automate our marketing and growth efforts?


Go-to-market Executive Leadership

For pre-VP Marketing startups I work with the founding team to define a holistic strategy, including all of the go-to-market elements, in the form of a growth backlog. I then work with the team to execute against that backlog. This is typically an interim marketing leadership role spanning 3-6 months.


Strategic Go-To-Market Initiative

For startups that are further along in the journey I take on the leadership of a specific go-to-market initiative. These can range from optimizing packaging/positioning/pricing or developing an effective partnership strategy for growth. These engagements typically last 1-3 months.

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Blog Posts

SaaS Pricing as a Growth Lever
March 11, 2016

This post discusses leveraging the pricing model to drive growth at CircleCI.

Growing Through Freemium
March 21, 2016

Post discussing some freemium growth strategies I implemented while at CircleCI.

Crossing The Chasm: From Community to Commercialization
May 5, 2018

Video from a talk at HeavyBit about leveraging a developer community to build a commercial go-to-market motion.

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